Raspberry Rollette - Lip Gloss

Raspberry Rollette - Lip Gloss


If you’re figuring out how to deal with your princess/pirate eyeing your lipsticks without declaring open beauty war? Guess what: our lip gloss Rollette is saving your day! Like mother like daughter/son? Yes and why not!

Girlie’s lip gloss

  • Super natural* formula with moisturizing properties: apricot kernel oil, vitamine E and omega 6 and 9. 
  • Super shiny: raspberry rollette has some pretty pearlescent reflections, shine bright princess! 
  • Syrup texture for easy application, except this lip gloss is galore! 
  • UV protection means no dry lips.
  • Vegan, cruelty free

*97% ingredients of natural origin

Dermatologically tested.