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Laurence King -Period Power Cards

Laurence King -Period Power Cards


TRACK YOUR CYCLE and become aware of how you experience your Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn
GET TO KNOW YOUR HORMONES and find out and how you can use them to improve your career, relationships and health
MANAGE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH and improve your body literacy by checking in on yourself and identifying what you need

From feeling introspective in the first week of your cycle to decisive in the last, learn to recognise the effects of your hormones and harness their powers for good. Best-selling author and women's health practitioner Maisie Hill breaks down her cycle strategy into 48 cards to help us make sense of the experiences and emotions that come with our cycles. Each card reveals how to access that season's superpowers, sidestep the dangers and choose the ultimate self-care strategy to get your cycle working for you. The menstrual cycle is under-appreciated but, with the help of these cards, you'll see that it is the most unused and underrated tool for improving our lives.

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