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Laurence King - Mountain Backgammon

Laurence King - Mountain Backgammon


A FAMILY FAVOURITE: backgammon is an ancient game that all the family will love. Challenge grandad to a game or teach your kids a childhood favourite!

PLAY AND LEARN: each point on the backgammon board is represented by one of the world's most incredible mountains. Enjoy the detailed illustrations and learn more in the accompanying booklet.

SCREEN-FREE FUN for two players aged 6 and up.

SOMETHING TO TREASURE: this is a quality product made to last, with bespoke illustrations, quality wooden pieces and sleek and stylish packaging.

LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING has been capturing imaginations and inspiring creativity in new and unexpected ways for over 30 years, with playful and eye-catching games, gifts and books.

The game you know and love has reached new heights! In Mountain Backgammon, the gameplay is exactly the same as classic backgammon, but each of the 24 points on the board has been replaced with an awe-inspiring peak. Spot skiers on Whistler, free climbers on El Capitan and even the yeti of Kangchenjunga as you try to get your counters home first. The race around the world is on!

1 x gameboard
30 x counters
2 x dice
1 x rules booklet

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