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  • KIDS CONCEPT - Camper van AIDEN

    This AIDEN Camper Van has lots of different features and exciting details!
    The solar panel on the roof can be turned into a beach if you simply flip it over. The back door can serve as a sun terrace to sit on until sunset. You will also find included two chairs, a table, a grill, and a surfboard. Joel and Saga have created a little paradise with their van – which they can take with them wherever they go. Their moto is “turn your face towards the sun, and you will never see the shadows”!


    Rec. age months+36
    Length in cm30
    Width in cm11
    Height in cm16
    Number of parts (mounted)8
    Net Weight (g)1134
    PaintTypeWater based color
    MaterialPlywood/Stainless steel/100% Cotton/Pinewood



      €56.00 Regular Price
      €44.80Sale Price

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