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Laurence King - The Spice Box

Laurence King - The Spice Box


60 beautifully illustrated cards with ingredient pairings, cooking tips, original recipe ideas and facinating facts about each spice from acclaimed chef Emily Dobbs. Organized into six categories - aromatic, citrus, earthy, sweet, hot and pungent - and served in a stunning tabbed archive box, The Spice Box is the essential kitchen companion.

ACCLAIMED CHEF and author Emily Dobbs shares original recipe ideas from a decade of experience in the kitchens of London's most iconic restaurants

COOK WITH CONFIDENCE cards contain practical advice on how to use spices, why they work and what to pair them with

GET INSPIRED with fascinating background information, with illustration, about each spice - you'll never look at spices the same way

THE GIFT FOR FOOD LOVERS stunning, design-led, highly finished gift package with 60 beautifully illustrated cards in tabbed archive box

STUNNING ILLUSTRATIONS by internationally renowned artist Camilla Perkins

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