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Creative Activities Kit -Zombies

Creative Activities Kit -Zombies

1 Giant Coloring Poster ZOMBIES Discover the world of zombies ! The freakiest coloring poster ever! Hundreds of tiny details, and a huge sense of humor for the entire family to enjoy. Format Unfolded : 70X100 cm

 9 felt pens neon 9 Neon colors : Neon-Yellow ( x2) , Neon-orange, Neon-green, Neon-purple, Neon blue, Neo-pink (x2)Double-tipped : One fine and one Large

1 Kitpas - set of 3 colour markers for bath - red, yellow, dark grey. You can draw on the bath – they write smoothly even on wet surfaces - and then just wipe it off with your fingers or a sponge

1 Kitpas - set of 12 medium markers crayons (glass, mirror, paper)White, Pink, Red, Orange, Pale orange, Yellow, Yellow green, Green, Light blue, Blue, Brown, Black)Color away on paper, windows, glass, mirrors, and whiteboards. Wipes away easily on any non-porous surface


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